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LifePoint Church Ministry Event Planning

We are here to support you as you plan ministry events at LifePoint Church of Etown!

Planning an event at LifePoint Church is a simple three-step process. First, check to see if the date of your event is open. Next, we provide you with a planning guide. Ministry event directors should complete the planning guide prior to meeting with a staff member appointed to help you through the process. This must be done prior to announcing or marketing the event. Our goal is to support you in creating effective ministry events that align with the vision and mission of LifePoint Church. 

Step One - Event Application

What is the frequency of the event?
Who is the promoter of this event?
Who is the primary audience or this event? Check all that apply.
Who is the primary demographic or this event? Check all that apply.

Your request has been recieved! You will recieve an email within the next week with your next step!

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